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In establishing a business in the United Republic of Tanzania, one needs to keep in mind, which forms of business entity (vehicle) to establish.

Also prior to establishing the business vehicle one needs to be aware of the requirements for establishing that business vehicle.

Upon that business vehicle being successfully established and operational, one will also need to be aware of the compliance matters that follows registration of the company.

At TanBizLink we assist Businesses and Investors in all steps for Investing & Doing Business in Tanzania, From Company Registration to soliciting different Licenses, Permits, Incentives etc.

  • Company Registration:

Registrations of Business Names, Industrial Licenses, Companies, Trade and Service Marks and Patents with BRELA.

  • TIN & VAT Registration:

Issued by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to Tax Payers.

  • Business License Registration:

For all types of business which are regulated or administered by any laws, any business of national or international nature or Governed by policy.

  • Work Permits:

That allows a foreign person to work or engage in the occupation specified in the valid work permit.

  1. For Investors and Self-Employed.
  2. For Non-Citizen in possession of prescribed professions (Medical and Health Care professionals, experts in oil & Gas, Teachers and University Lecturers in Science and Mathematics)
  3. For Non-Citizen in possession of other professions
  • Residents Permits:

Class A for investor and Class B for employee issued by Immigration Department.

  • Land Acquisition:

For investment purpose through a government Granted Right of Occupancy, through Derivative Right granted by Tanzania Investment Centre or sub lease through a Granted Right of Occupancy.

Right of occupancy and Derivative Right may be granted up to 99 years and are renewable.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & NEMC:

Undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) prior to the commencement or financing of the project.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OSHA):

For protection of persons other than persons at work against hazards to health and safety arising out of or in connection with activities of persons at work and to provide for connected matters.

  • Certificates of Incentives:

For assisting all investors to obtain permits and authorization required by other laws to set up and operate investment in Tanzania.

  1. For Local investors with the Minimum investment value for a Projects should of at least US$ 100,000 for projects which are wholly owned by Tanzanian Citizen.
  2. For Foreign investors with the minimum investment value of a project of be at least US$ 500,000 for projects which are wholly owned by foreign investors or if a joint venture.
  • Aftercare Services:

Several facilitation services to registered investment project.

Investment and Business facilitation services whose role is to facilitate both the successful start-up and continuing development of the investment, ensuring that your business project is implemented free of unnecessary obstacles.

  • Business Plan Development (Preparing tailored business plans for funding purposes etc.)
  • Filling of Annual Returns.



Identifying Profiling and Promoting Projects for Investments, Bringing in Potential Investors & Financiers from Within & 0utside The Country.


  • Business Matching: Joint Venture Partnerships, Associations, Collaborations etc, We assist companies to find potential local counterparts in terms of JVs etc.
  • Connecting foreign businesses to potential Customers, Agents and Representatives for their products & services. And on another hand connecting them to Sellers of raw materials and other products & services from Tanzania.
  • Marketing of products & services: From conceptualization, designing and conducting of marketing, advertising, awareness campaigns etc. We also offer PR/Communication services.
  • Feasibility studies and Marketing Surveys.
  • Government relations including soliciting appointments with different top Government officials, MPs and CEOs of big Organizations.