Filling of Annual Returns in Tanzania

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Filling annual returns is mandatory for all registered companies in Tanzania. Tan Biz Link is ready to help you file your annual returns with BRELA.  We have a team that will handle your issues in a professional manner. This way you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

filling of annual return

What is an Annual Return?

An annual return is a document that provides information on a company’s share capital, debt, directors, shareholders, dictatorship changes, corporate governance disclosures, and so on. An annual return is not a financial document — it’s a record of publicly available information about your company that appears on the Companies Register.

In terms of the Companies Act, 2002 (Cap RE 212) (the “Act”), every company incorporated or registered in Tanzania as a branch of a foreign company has an annual filing obligation with the Registrar of Companies, also called the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (“BRELA”).

In the case of a locally incorporated company (local subsidiary), the requirement is to file an annual return in the prescribed form, accompanied by a copy of the audited accounts (except for those companies exempt from an audit obligation in terms of the Act).

This return is due on a date not later than:
(i) The anniversary of the company’s incorporation; or
(ii) The date of filing of the preceding annual return (if filed on a date other than the incorporation anniversary date).

In the case of a locally registered branch of a foreign company, annual accounts need to be submitted every calendar year in such form, and containing such particulars and including such documents, as provided for in the Act. In practice, the annual return is prepared soon after the annual general meeting at which the accounts are presented.

filling of annual returns in Tanzania