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About Tan Biz Link

We are a prominent consulting company offering Business and Investment Consultancy & Promotion Services in the field of set-up and allied services.

At Tan Biz Link we assist Businesses and Investors in all steps for Investing & Doing Business in Tanzania.

From Company Registration to different Licenses, Permits, Incentives etc.

Why Choose Tanzania ?

Why Invest In Tanzania ?

Tanzania enjoys an abundance of natural wealth, which offers tremendous investment opportunities for investors.

These include an excellent geographical location (six land locked countries depend on Tanzania ports as their cheapest entry and exit ports); arable land; world renowned tourist attractions (Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro, and the Spice islands of Zanzibar); natural resources; a sizeable domestic and sub regional market; a wide local raw materials supply base; abundant and inexpensive skills; assurance of personal safety; warm friendly people and a suitable market policy orientation.

Tanzania is no doubt, a great place to invest in Africa today. There are unlimited investment and business opportunities which you are invited to explore