How to Establish a Local Company in Tanzania as a Foreigner

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Establishing a local company:

To conduct any business in Tanzania, regardless of the nature of the market, a business entity must be formed, either through the registration of a Business Name or a Company, but in our case, through the formation of a Limited liability company (LLC) in accordance with the Tanzania Companies Act No 2 of 2002.

Requirements to be eligible to establish a local company in Tanzania

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association with company objects and rules
  • Total authorized capital, nominal share value, and share allotment at the outset
  • Names of at least two directors who may serve as the company’s first directors.
  • At least two shareholders’ names
  • Consideration for local content. Certain businesses, such as mining, broadcasting, and telecommunications, require Tanzanian shareholders.
  • At least three prospective company name options for clearance, as most names may be unavailable, and having options in place may save a significant amount of time.
  • Statutory declaration forms (14a and 14b) are filed alongside MEMARTs.

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